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Vicki Sweedman

Life is too short

Just let me Write


Welcome to My Site

Welcome to My Site! I am a proud Waka Waka woman who at this nice mature age has just finished a Bachelor of Creative  Industries - Writing and Publishing at Uni SC. I have many poems and stories on this site for your entertainment. Also examples of my work. I am a  dedicated professional who is passionate about providing the best services to my clients. With years of experience in the hospitality industry  in my own business I believe my customer service is second to none.  I strive to deliver top-notch solutions that meet the unique needs of my customers. My commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets me apart from the competition helping to achieve your companies goals.

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JP Services

1/8 Charles Street 

Caboolture Q 4510

Phone 0488081243

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Wild Flowers

Poetry, wombats and other thoughts.

Poetry 266 By Vicki Sweedman I am - learning - about poetry. About rhythm, and rhyme. I’m learning things like consonants, And keeping...

Different Genre in Film

Film is a dynamic medium that uses a wide array of narrative styles and visual techniques to convey a story. This essay will delve into...

Superheroes Staff Procedures

Superheroes Early Learning Caboolture (At the corner of Lee and Charles Street.) Phone 07 5221 3769...

The Kilcoy Yowie

It was back in the 18 hundreds, While out droving sheep, That a Yowie was spotted In Kilcoy bushland thick and deep. He was big and black...

Doctor - Deer Farmer - Artist.

Dr Dawn Evans I’ve driven for 94 kilometres through four flowing creeks, dusty, dirt roads, potholes that could swallow my little car, to...

Crocodile Run

I visited a crocodile farm in north Queensland while Steve Irwin was filming. There were 2 murky lakes with a dirt roadway cutting...

Cycle of the Night

Joseph was finding it very difficult to sleep in this new country location. The westerlies blew boisterously at the tenuous foundation of...

Night Time Peace

I have always looked forward to the blissful night. That time of day that is completely my own. That time to achieve the little things...

Author Surprises Me

I have just read two books published by one of my Uni classmates Glen Sheppard. they were amazing, I could hardly put them down. You...

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