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Welcome to my portfolio. I invite you to explore my site to get a better understanding of my specialties, and professional experience. What you’ll find is a combination of poetry and song and a children's story that I have written called Yaminon.  I have written 6 about endangered animal species.  The photos are of the Jinibara dancers and First Nations people in furs and original dress.  Enjoy browsing, and get in touch with any questions you may have.  This website is a start and I hope to keep increasing the content as my education progresses.

large book in living room


I went back to university as I wanted to do something that may make a difference in the world.  As an older student, I don't have a lot of work time left but I certainly have my time and a lot of energy and inspiration.  


I have travelled quite extensively around Australia and to Somoa, America, Cambodia, New Zealand, Fiji, Africa -  but there are still so many places to visit. 


I've been married had two families and now 3 beautiful grandchildren.    I've decided life is about kindness to everyone after all that. 

Now I have finished Uni. SC. and its time for a different stage of my life. 


For the people of the world to look at everybody as one.

 For me to become much better at everything than I am now.  

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