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Superheroes Staff Procedures

Superheroes Early Learning Caboolture

(At the corner of Lee and Charles Street.)

Phone 07 5221 3769

Welcome to the Superheros Team.

Every day, the primary focus at Superheros is to look after the children in our care. We will strive to keep them safe and happy, while remembering we are educators of life in this role.


Amanda Nitchke, Centre Manager, 0414 747 945

Farah Md Nor ………………..

Holly Hodge …………………

Uniform Policy

Uniform is navy blue. Shirts and hats will be provided. Please wear navy or royal blue pants or skirt, and black or navy enclosed comfortable shoes. Including navy or royal blue cool weather jackets.

Morning Setup

· Turn on all of the lights as you move through the building and un-lock all the doors.

· Ensure the rooms are clean and inviting.

· Line all of the rubbish bins. Toilets, kitchen, verandas. Clean the lids if necessary.

· Collect the portable phone answering if it rings.

· Collect breakfast trolley from main kitchen with full cereal containers. (Remember to change the dates on lid if cereal added.) Add milk, full cream and lactose free.

· Add bibs, container of hot soapy water and cloth, and towel (Located in the bottle kitchen.)

· Fill the electric jug and boil (Hot water is then ready for cereal if needed).

· Wipe over the breakfast tables with hot soapy water.

· Bring two highchairs from the Dream room.

· Fill the water jugs from the drinks bottle trolleys.

· Check laundry putting on washing or dryer if necessary.

· Check that Dreams Day Reports are cleared. If not: take photo of Dream children’s previous Day Reports—clean off with orange oil.

· Empty cold red detergent spray bottles to be filled before nappies are started.

· Take the cover off the sand pit.

· Set up the inside and outside yards. They are to be clean, safe, and inviting.

· Check for hazards which may include spiders, animals, broken playground or fences, or wet areas.

· Set up activities.

Working Procedures

Children are the main priority and must be spoken to with respect and consideration at all times.

When receiving children ask if there are any injuries, bruises, we should know about. If there is an injury an ‘Injury on Intake’ form must be completed.

When lifting children lift by their chest not their arms or shoulders. Bend your knees and protect your back by not twisting during this procedure.

Do not pull children by their arms as this could cause dislocation of their joints.

Praise children for all good or positive behaviour.

Water is to be offered to children throughout the day and at meals.

They should sit with the water bottle, returning it to the trolley when finished.

All children must be seated when eating. Educators should sit with the children and converse during a meal.

Use wet blue washers to wipe faces and hands after meals. One for each child. Wipe hands before face to stop the spread of nose germs. These can be collected as you collect the bottles from the bottle kitchen.

Hot, soapy water must be used for cleaning. Refresh the spray bottles every two hours before nappy changes, and to clean tables after food. Red spray bottles are for toilet cleaning, blue bottles are for cleaning other areas. Red cloths are for the toilet area. Blue or green are for the other areas.

Nappies are to be changed every two hours. Only use the cream if provided by their guardian.

Names should be on all removed items of clothing. If it is not, write it on, or put immediately into the child’s bag.

Red broom, and mop and bucket for the toilet areas, blue mop and bucket for other areas.

You must ensure our friends wash their hands after a nappy change or hands must be wiped with wet wipes in the Dream room or if the children cannot reach the basin.

Children must be supervised when washing their hands.

When transitioning count heads making sure no friend is forgotten.

Check doors are closed at all times to prevent children wandering.

Children should not receive bottles on their beds and must be supervised with a bottle in case of choking.

Sleeping: children must be provided with a bed, bottom sheet, and a blanket. They must be given any comforters supplied by guardians. Play sleep music and maintain a quieter space. Do not pat the children but encourage to sleep.

Remove shoes and socks, hoodies, and any sleeping hazards before sleeping.

All socks should be placed inside the shoes.

All beds should be wiped with cloth and hot soapy water from blue bottle after every use. If soiled, they can then be placed in the sun.

Every child must wear sunscreen and a hat when playing outdoors. Educators must wear a hat outdoors.

Educators should remain involved with the children. Organize appropriate activities. Participate with the children while supervising.

Redirect negative behaviour.

Please try to involve children in your activities, cleaning, wiping the tables, weeding, watering the plants, making the beds, moving toys.

Educators must attempt to comfort any unhappy children.

If a friend injures themselves, it is important to apply ice as quickly as possible to limit any bruising or swelling.

When cleaning body fluid use gloves and hot soapy water. Place in the sun if possible.

Educate on manners, please, thank you, good morning, taking hats off at the table, and sharing. Coughing should be into their elbow. Our friends should be encouraged to wipe their own noses and apply their own sunscreen. Supervise making certain the nose is covered.

Take photos of children’s activities for writing daily stories and observations.

When taking dishes and trolley back to kitchen please dispose of leftovers in your room bin and wash your plates if possible. This will help the kitchen and educate our friends in the procedures.

Rest time, after the children are settled, is when stories can be written and uploaded, and cleaning of the room, windows, and listed items on the daily chores charts happens. The daily chores list of jobs is on the walls, in the bottle kitchen or storeroom and jobs should be shared between the available educators. If you have spare time please wipe over the toys, clean shelves, or sort the toys into correct configurations.

Rubbish is to be taken to our industrial bins on Charles Street. There is one specifically for carboard—no other product is to go into this bin. There are four bins for all other waste.

There are lists in the mornings, afternoons, (at the front desk) and bathrooms (on the wall) to sign off when the jobs are completed for each week, then uploaded to data base.

There is always laundry that can be washed or folded and put away if you are free and activities for our friends to set up.

We work as a team for the benefit of the children and their families.

Please try to keep our centre tidy.

Nappy Changing Procedure

§ Ensure red spray bottles have hot soapy water. All are able to be filled in the toilet area.

§ Wash your hands.

§ Our friend may climb the stairs if you stand by to support them. Lay them on the mat.

§ Place paper under their bottom.

§ Place gloves on your hands. Wipes can be laid out on edge of mat if you know you will need them for a soiled bottom.

§ Remove clothing and front of nappy. If soiled wipe bottom with nappy and wipes as appropriate. Remove all soiled disposable items wrapping with the paper. Pull off gloves and place all soiled items and gloves into the proved lidded bin in the cupboard.

§ Soiled clothing is to be placed in a plastic bag with the friend’s name on it. Place this in the bucket provided or in their bag on conclusion.

§ Place another glove on your hand to apply cream if necessary.

§ Place clean nappy on the child and their clothing.

§ Write procedure on nappy change chart.

§ Wipe mat and bench with hot soapy water and paper.

§ Our friend must be supervised washing their hands. (This is the perfect opportunity for you to wash your hands with them).

§ Wash your hands.

Hand Washing Procedure

· Push up long sleeves.

· Apply soap and rub.

· (Sing this is the way we wash our hands.)

· Turn on the water and rub hands under the tap.

· Turn off water.

· Pull down one piece of paper.

· Dry hands.

· Place paper in the bin.

· Congratulate our friend, clapping them. (Hi-five is nice).

Closing Procedures at 6.00 pm

Please check that all windows including the toilet and laundry windows are closed.

Please check all doors are closed and locked.

Turn off the dishwasher and the pantry light. If not already done.

Turn off all lights and fans including the storerooms and the toilet lights.

Ensure all the bins are empty of food scraps and nappies, including the lunchroom bin, and both veranda’s bins.

Leave the main office light on for camera visibility.

Shut the main gate after all have exited.

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1/8 Charles Street, Caboolture Q 4510

Phone 0488 0081243

1/8 Charles Street, Caboolture Q 4510

Phone 0488 0081243

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