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The Kilcoy Yowie

It was back in the 18 hundreds,

While out droving sheep,

That a Yowie was spotted

In Kilcoy bushland thick and deep.

He was big and black and hairy

Just like a man.

the drovers watched in terror

Then off to the town they ran.

They ran to the nearest publican

And told him what they saw.

The townsfolk combed the bushland

But they couldn't find the Yowie anymore.

Later he was spotted by

Two boys at Sandy Creek.

Their mother said it was the Mayor,

Out for a morning leak.

The years went by and sometimes he's been spotted here and there.

A website has been started, but proof remains so very rare.

Still, Kilcoy loves the Yowie

And a statue stands erect.

Though bits of him are missing 'cause some people do object.

The legend of the Yowie

Is a good one to be sure.

Some day were going to catch him,

And have him stuffed by our door.

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1/8 Charles Street, Caboolture Q 4510

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