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Hello.  My name is Yaminon.  I'm a northern hairy-nosed wombat.  I have a hairy nose that makes me different from my cousins that live down south.           There are three types of wombats.       I am bigger. Have pointier ears and much softer fur.  

I have strong claws for digging.  I make big tunnels in the sand.     The largest tunnel has been measured at 90 metres.   It is nice and cool down here.

In my belly, I have a backward-facing pouch for my baby to sleep and drink milk in.  This way they don't get dirty when I dig.    Wombats are mammals and marsupials, giving milk and having a pouch.  

I come out at night to eat grass, I am the largest herbivorous burrowing mammal in the world, but.......Dingos love to eat me.  

I live in Australia in two small areas.  Naturally in Epping Forest National Park near Clermont Queensland, and Richard Underwood Nature Refuge, St George Queensland, where some of us were relocated to.  The trees and the soil have to be just right for my burrows.


My friends the scientists are trying to help us.  Some people have built big fences to keep us safe, but........there are not many of us left.   About 250 in the world.

I have a really hard bottom - all muscle. I have continually growing teeth. I have a tail, but best of all my poos are cubes.  Wombats muscles keep the poo hard and cubed.  They don't drink a lot of water and take about two weeks to digest their food.

Maybe one day I will have lots of families again..........and you can come and visit me........and be my friend.  The northern hairy-nosed wombat is critically endangered.  You buying this book helps to keep me safe.  

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